Ab Slider Exercise Wheel Exerciser

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Roller Slide - Slider exercise wheel WE JL 05 EU
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Millions of Americans obtained excellent results by using the Ab Slider, a simple but effective tool with dozens of awards.
Ab Slider abdominal muscles get into shape by running and helps your tummy look better by getting rid of your excess fat.
Both working in just three minutes per day!More fats that occur after pregnancy, from the heart, you can easily get the slide with the EU.
Ab Slider abdominal, breast, wing, back and arm muscles runs.Thanks to its flexible structure, allows it to be moved back and forth at the two side.
It is easy to use. Consist of two arms and a body quickly.
Take up much space.Transparent and elegant due to the design, you can easily see the internal structure.
how is it used? Ab Slide can be applied in two ways.
- The string slide on your knees while in an upright position, close the handle in the side of the EU is held.
The arrow slide is pushed forward in the direction of the EU.
Bow thrust in the position established in the gear and makes it easy for you to come back.
Standing with the use of other usage. Slide your feet on a flat surface is placed next to the EU.
Leaning her arms EU held the slide is pushed forward.
You can go as far as you can reach without forcing yourself.
It will make it easier for you to come back of the slider mechanism inside the EU.
This movement is more difficult than the previous movement.
It is used for the first days, you will feel your abdominal muscles ache.
This pain is pain a normal .
You will notice after a few days you get used.