Bitfenix Nse-300-Wwgkw-Rp4A Nova Mesh Se White Tempered Glass Argb Atx Case

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Bitfenix NSE-300-WWGKW-RP4A Nova Mesh SE White Tempered Glass ARGB ATX Case

Chassis Structure: Mid Tower, ATX
Power Source: No
Maximum Board Size : ATX
Fan: 4 Pieces
Stylish Design with Mesh Front Panel
BitFenix NOVA MESH TG combines modern and elegant design.
It is a versatile device that offers great airflow, which makes it
makes it an ideal choice for the user scenario. clean interior,
NOVA MESH with optimized airflow and comprehensive compatibility,
It offers a great balance of performance and appearance in its class. Easy
special installation and maintenance features and ease of use.
was designed as These are the key components of the system.
Complete with a Tempered Glass side panel to show off.
Transparent colored 4 mm Tempered Glass Side Panel
BitFenix NOVA MESH TG, high quality with 4mm durability
Comes with tempered glass side panel. tempered glass panel,
transparent, often showcasing RGB-illuminated core components
is colorful.
Chassis TypeATX
No Internal Power Supply
Number of Fans (Number)4,0
Fan IlluminationYes
FDD Slot (3.5" External)4
3.5" HDD Bay Qty3
Case IlluminationYes
5 1/4" Optical Drive Bay N/A
Active PFCYes
PCI / Expansion Slot1
No Liquid Cooling
Number of USB 3.0 Connections2
USB 3.1 Number of ConnectionsNo

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