Electrokonfor Heatbox 360 2000W Fan Heater Smoked

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Electrokonfor Heatbox 360 2000W Fan Heater Smoked

High Thermal Efficiency with Minimum Electrical Energy
Multi-purpose functional Portable Metal Case
Multifunctional industrial fan heaters with metal body that can be mounted to ceiling and wall

The biggest advantages of Electric Fan Heaters are that they can increase the ambient temperature in a very short time, they are portable and they do not take up much space. It performs the heating thanks to the aluminum fins on the resistance in the device. The cold air entering through the channels in the lower back of the body passes between the heated wings of the resistance and comes out as hot air through the side grilles through the air channels. The air circulating in this way heats the environment by making a natural convection. Unlike other infrared heaters on the market, it heats not only the irradiated surfaces but also the entire environment homogeneously, and works more economically as the ambient temperature increases with each intake of air. It is also designed to keep the room at the same temperature with minimum energy consumption thanks to its thermostat. Thanks to its special design, they can be stored at any point and can be removed and used again if needed.

The convector, which has a much better performance compared to its counterparts, provides balanced heat distribution thanks to its surface area and fan, does not burn the dust in the air, does not create bad odor and keeps your living environment more spacious. In our modern facilities, there are no chemicals harmful to human health in the surface cleaning and the paint used.

Product features:
Size : 31 x 52 x 15 cm
Cold Air Level: 20 W
Hot Air Stage: 1000 W / 2000 W
Air Flow: 150m3/h
Sound Level : 35-40 Db
Input Voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Thermostat: 0-70 C
Heating Area (Based on Ambient Insulation): 10-20 m2
Weight : 6 kg
Fan Motor Power: 18 W
Cable Length : 2.5 m
Wall Mount or Free Standing Use
IP-Protection Type : IP20

Product Advantages:
100% domestic production R&D, Design, Patent PINO BOARD,
High-strength protection with a long-lasting metal body,
Highly efficient heat energy thanks to the special fan and heater,
Functional switch with 4 positions for 1 stage cold and 2 stage heating,
Integrated thermostat for a steady flow of hot air,
Overheat protection, Heater safety thermostat,
Non-condensing heat without oxygen consumption
Superior performance for indoor heating,
Safe standing, solid metal casing and quiet,
It is easily portable, suitable for use on the ground and the angle of stance can be adjusted,
It can be easily mounted on the wall and ceiling and the angle of the stance can be adjusted,
Easily portable and ready to use at any time,
Quiet, odorless, clean heat,

Product Usage:
Take the device out of the box carefully,
Make sure that the air inlet and outlet louvers of the device are not blocked,
Do not insert pointed metal into the blinds blowing hot air,
Not suitable for use by children aged 0-10,
It must be used with a grounded socket with city mains voltage,
Do not sit on the product. Do not place heavy loads and items,
In order for the fan motor to continue its working principles; Avoid front and rear impacts and avoid contact with the fan,
Wipe only with a damp cloth. Avoid chemical cleaning products and hard surface cleaning cloths,

Usage areas:
Home Office,
Cafeterias, Winter Gardens,
Factory, Workshop,
Drying of industrial and agricultural products,
air curtains,
Caravans, Boats, Camping,
Greenhouses, Containers and Sheds,
Fitness and gyms, Indoor Pools,
10-20 m2 in all closed areas

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