King Toys Sally Family Camp And Pink Convertible Car

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King Toys Sally Family Camping and Pink Convertible

Your little one is on their way to fun with my King Toys Cute Car!
• King Toys My Cute Car is an excellent toy that little ones can play safely with fun.
• Easy to grip, perfect size and weight for little hands.
• Thanks to its special design, the little ones can easily grasp and move the car.
• Sporty, this cute car with an open top has a special rounded design without sharp edges.
• You can take this toy wherever you go, which the little ones will not want to leave.
• It helps to develop the senses and motor skills of the little ones.
• Helps develop fine motor skills.
• Supports hand-eye coordination.
• It can be played both indoors and outdoors as it does not rust and is easy to clean.
• It is a toy that parents can safely hand over to their babies.
• Free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC and similar outer coatings containing toxins and lead paint, this safe toy meets FDA standards. So it is totally safe for babies to put it in their mouth.
• You will love to play with the little ones, teach them new things and have fun with them.
• The fun moments you spend with children will contribute to their sensory development, so you will support your children's learning through play.
• Read the warnings carefully before using the product.
• Always use the product under adult supervision.
• Do not give the product to your child without removing all packaging materials.
• It has been tested and approved by international testing organizations accredited by the European Union (EU) to EN71 standards.
• Specified features, colors and content may differ.
• Carefully check all parts before each use. Do not use if the product is damaged or deformed.
• Make sure the product is clean before giving it to your baby.
• Do not sterilize by boiling, the product may lose its form.
• It is recommended to clean with warm soapy water.
• Never use solvents and similar substances.
• It is suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

Technical information

• Suitable for children 36 months and above.

Product box size;
Most; 20.00 cm
Size; 48.00 cm
Height; 19.00 cm




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