M4 Nillkin Smart Wristband Hours

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M4 Nillkin Smart Wristband

Sleep tracking, notifications/messages/calls, seeing vibration, you can track your different activities.

50 meters water resistance while swimming thanks to the smart bracelet you can use.

battery size M4 mAh 135 the has been upgraded. With this capacity, the device again the week-long service life airport.

- Bluetooth 5.0
- 0.95 240piksel x 120 inch AMOLED resolution color display
- the degree of water resistance 5ATM (50 meters)
- 135mAh battery is rated to withstand more than 20 days on a single charge.

* M4 does not have Turkish language support, Wear Fit application available in Turkish.

the use of the clock;

code after opening the product box in the box with the frame fit in the user's guide directs the program Wear When inquiry is made. After downloading the application, open the application, and Bluetooth if active, then the smart bracelet connects to the clock by selecting the model from the M4 portion of the tie. Just wear the FIT Program supports. With the program just works. Do not support do not attempt to connect directly via Bluetooth. The program connects to is set the time and date when automatic adjustment. Features such as the pedometer pulse meter you can follow up on the program.