Seac Sub Swimming Fins Calıbra (Yellow) Extra Small - Medium

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Product Description:


Product features:

Fins Seac Sub Kalibra with regulated heel strap, designed for scuba diving, snorkeling. There are stiffener ribs along the blade, which improve hydraulic sealing. The blade itself is very bendable. There is a rubber edging along the edges to protect against plastic delamination during mechanical damage. Ergonomic buckle allows easy adjustment of the strap. Since the overshoes are made of thermo rubber, the flippers fit comfortably and close to the feet. The fact that the sole of the shoe is made of hard plastic contributes to reducing the force of the muscle load on the legs.


  • Innovative fins with adjustable heel strap;
  • Special longitudinal reinforcements that reduce the sliding of water to the sides and thus increase the emphasis of the wings on the water;
  • The blade is resistant to bending;
  • The blade edge is equipped with a rubber edge that protects against plastic delamination in the event of side impacts;
  • Shoe covers are made of soft thermoplastic rubber, this allows the fin to fit snugly to the foot
  • The new ergonomic buckle allows easy and consistent adjustment of the strap.
  • Material: thermoplastic;
  • Type: open heel;
  • Longitudinal reinforcements;
  • Adjustable heel strap;

  • Rubber-edged blade edge;
  • The blade is resistant to bending.

Technicial Specifications:

  • Tecnoflex Construction to increase performance and durability
  • Thermoplastic rubber Ribbings give the blade flexibility and lateral stability
  • Cristalflex channels optimize water and fin performance
  • XS - M : 36 / 41
  • ML - XL: 42 / 4



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