Thermic Pro 15Mm Camping Mat

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  • Evolite Thermic Pro Camping mat has high thermal insulation thanks to its 15mm thickness and aluminum surface on the top.
  • The structure of the Evolite mat has a waterproof feature.
  • 180x55x1.5 cm , 50 density,
  • Anti-slip knurled upper with air channels
  • Gymnastics, fitness, aerobics halls
  • In children's playrooms, kindergartens and nurseries
  • In outdoor sports, as a sleeping bag base (mat)
  • It can be used as a beach mattress or as a swimming board.
  • It shows high resistance against shock impacts.
  • It provides excellent heat and moisture insulation.
  • It is closed pore.
  • Closed Cell MAT
  • It is anti-bacterial and hygienic.
  • Washable.
  • It is light, elastic and durable.
  • It is environmentally friendly. HCFC free
  • Does not smell
  • Thickness 15mm
  • Color One side Silver the other Blue
  • Weight: 540 gr.




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