Tokyo Coffee Table And Nesting Coffee Table 4-Piece Living Room Set With Wooden Legs Coffee Table - Walnut

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Product features


  • Classic and luxury living rooms where the Zuesse Design Tokyo Coffee Table model is used are also presented in a structure that impresses its users and guests. These coffee tables, which are also preferred as decoration complements, show themselves more elegantly in wide and narrow living spaces.
  • The feet of the product are not the thin feet available on the market. Wider, Sturdier and Long-lasting feet have been used.


  • Coffee Table Dimensions: 90*50*44
  • 1st Coffee Table Dimensions: 40*40*47
  • 2nd Coffee Table Dimensions: 40*40*44
  • 3rd Coffee Table Dimensions: 40*40*41


  • Nesting Tables, when used correctly, please the user with their useful structures and create an eye-catching design with the stylish effect they add to the design.
  • The legs of the product are 100% hornbeam and Pinoteks (wood protective paint) varnish is used. In this way, the products provide longer use.
  • The model, which can be easily carried anywhere with its ergonomic design and lightweight structure, does not require any screws or tools for installation.




  • Made from premium quality 18 mm Particleboard plates. Particle Board is a type of chipboard materials made more durable and useful by laminating them.
  • First class PVC tape is used in all parts of the product.
  • You can use it with peace of mind for a long time with its durable structure and quality materials.
  • All accessories and mounting materials used are selected from first-class, high-quality products and are in a form that you can use for many years without any problems.
  • FSC (Forest Protection Council) compliant raw materials are used in our products.
  • It is an ISO 9001 and TSE certified product. In addition, accessories and panel sheets of E1 standards, which are friendly to human health and do not contain carcinogenic substances, were used.


Product Advantage


  • Zuesse Dizayn Nesting Table & Side Table is mostly preferred as an auxiliary product for personal use such as newspapers, books, remote controls and sometimes tea and coffee. Our coffee tables, which are appreciated for their stylish and elegant designs, offer comfortable use with their space-saving structures.
  • It can be used as a decorative coffee table, flower bed, vase or lampshade stand as desired.
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