Vox Amplug-2 Ac30

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amPlug 2 Series
New amPlug 2 with improved sound and convenience
Main Headings
No guitar cable needed! Plug directly into your guitar! The fastest way to get real guitar amplifier sound is now more advanced.
Cleaner and dirtier tones produced entirely with analog circuits!
"AC30" offers the "top boost" tone of the AC30.
"Classic Rock" provides the classic crunch tone of a British-made 100W amplifier.
"Metal" produces the high-gain sound of a US-made amplifier
The "Bass" model is designed especially for low frequency and produced for bass guitar users.
Each model features three amp models for even more variation
Nine selectable effects (Chorus x 3, Delay x 3, Reverb x 3) are built into guitar models
The bass model has nine rhythm patterns suitable for practice
VOX proprietary analog technology powered by multistage circuitry perfectly replicates complex distortion and tube amp tone
The new floating jack can rotate 180 degrees and is compatible with all types of guitars
Play anytime and anywhere with 17 hours of battery life
You can play any track you want by connecting your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player to the AUX input.

Connections: Headphone Out, AUX In
Power Source: AAA Battery x 2
Battery Life:
amPlug 2 AC30/ amPlug 2 Metal / amPlug 2 Classic Rock:
11 hours (with Alkaline Battery, FX on)
17 hours (on Alkaline Battery, FX off)
4 hours (with zinc-carbon battery, FX on)
9 hours (with zinc-carbon battery, FX off)
amPlug 2 Bass:
11 hours (With alkaline batteries, RHYTHM on)
17 hours (with Alkaline Battery, Rhythm off)
4 hours (with zinc-carbon battery, Rhythm on)
9 hours (with zinc-carbon battery, Rhythm off)
Dimensions: 86 x 80 x 31 mm
Weight: 40 g (excluding batteries)
Accessories: AAA alkaline battery x 2 (For trying)

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