1/4 1/4 Screw Tripod Tripod Accessory Input Machine Or

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Entry a ¼ - inch tripod

to attempt a ¼ - inch tripod screw binding

input devices ¼ - inch tripod with ¼ - inch tripod screw again with the entrance, you can pin in place.

1/4 inch male threads on both sides of the screw.

- - 1/4"male to 1/4"male threaded double male screw adapter convert screw adapter for camera tripod Ballhead camera accessories -

*screw the adapter has been designed to have two 1/4" male threaded screws
*made of metal material, and silver plated surface
*Suitable for the connection of a variety of 1/4-20 screw holes
*Widely used front camera accessories such as Tripod, Monopod, ball head, light stand, video light
*Very light weight and durable
*Material: Metal
*Max height: 20mm / 0.8""
*Max diameter: 16mm / 0.6""
*color: silver