Amigurumi Handmade Organic Washable Kid's Toy

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Amigurumi Handmade Organic Washable Kid's Toy

* The product is 100% handmade and produced with love.

* Amigurumi knitting technique is used in production. Every detail has been carefully designed and

* The inner filling of the product consists of first quality fiber beads.

* Each part of the product is carefully produced and then these parts are prepared by combining them. The strength of these joining points has been tested. For this reason, the product
its strength is very good.

* 100% Natural-Organic-Healthy toy for your child.

* Quality is 1st Class.

* Suitable for all ages.

* Item Size: 35CM

* Healthy Toy

* Organic Toy

* Crocheted from 100% cotton, yarn and filled, antibacterial and anti-allergic. Product 100%
It is hand knitted and used in anti-allergic, anti-pilling organic baby clothing products.
It is produced with the special yarn used.

* Any side effects on human health of the products used in the manufacture or
has no harmful effect. All yarns used are certified. Health
We do not use non-certified threads. Toys for your children
It has healthy and durable materials. Make them happy with these wonderful babies
you can.

* All these unique and beautifully expressive toys are handmade and designed by me.

* It can be washed in delicate setting without any problems, but hand washing is recommended. removing excess water
use a towel. Air dry completely.

* Important: This Product is Made to Order. Please give me 5-10 to have your item made.
Allow workdays. .

Your order is the same toys you see in the photo.

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