Ayex For D750 Nikon Ax-D750 Battery Grip + 2 Ad. En-El14 Battery

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for the Nikon D750
MB-D16 Equivalent
Ayex AX-D750 battery grip


2 en-el14 Battery

Nikon MB-D16 battery grip Ayex counterpart

our product, the Nikon D750 model is suitable for

compatible with the Nikon D750 running our product model AX-D750, along with a two times longer battery life, an ergonomic design, as well as easy access to the camera functions for vertical images, and easy machine control thanks to the user more comfortable and allows you to shoot faster. Standard function keys are available in the battery grip on your camera. Comfortable grip and ease of vertical shooting landscape shots with quick access to functions you will experience in. 1 x en-el14 battery or 6 x AA rechargeable or alkaline batteries can be used.

our products are manufactured according to quality standards and is offered with similar features and quality to the originals.

technical details

AF and AE lock
vertical-grip shutter
lock on / off
Ae / Fe lock / index button
AF point selection
Tripod input: 1/4 "
power supply: 1 li-ion battery (en-el14) or 6 AA batteries / rechargeable batteries (not included)
Dimensions: 14.1 x 7.3 x 5cm Approx
Weight: (without batteries) 206g

box contents :

Ayex for D750 Nikon AX-D750 battery grip

2 en-el14 battery