Baby Icon Intim Cleansing Gel

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Due to the special texture and sensitivity of the genital area in women, a full cleaning

It is not recommended to use ordinary products to perform maintenance. Intimate wash gels, genital area

It is specially developed to protect the sensitive skin tissue and to provide extra hygiene. Baby Icon Intim

gel, which is used to clean this area without disturbing the sensitive skin tissue in the genital area.

It is a cleansing gel. To protect the sensitive skin tissue in the genital area and to provide extra hygiene

specially developed

Thanks to the lactic acid in its content, it protects the flora and pH of the genital area.

Thanks to postbiotics, while increasing the amount of beneficial bacteria in the genital area, harmful

reduces the amount of bacteria.

Baby Icon Intim gel containing arbutin discoloration due to hormonal balance change

It has the ability to balance the change

Dermatologically tested.

Contains raw materials of natural origin

Suitable for the period from puberty to menopause

Soothes itching and discomfort in the sensitive area and prevents irritation

Has a pleasant scent for your personal comfort

Colorant and Alcohol free

Paraben, Silicone free

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