Baby Icon Nipple Cream

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*Natural plant-based organic nipple cream for sensitive nipples and dry skin.

*It is suitable for breastfeeding with its unique organic ingredient blend and should be wiped before breastfeeding.

not necessary. It has no color, odor or taste.

*Helps to moisturize and soothe the skin.

*The silky smooth formula is easy to apply and suitable for sensitive skin.

* It helps you to have less trouble during and after breastfeeding.

*Baby icon Nipple Care Cream, soy glycerides and cold-pressed olive oil

moisture of the skin with ingredients that form a protective barrier layer on the skin.

It protects the skin balance for a long time and prevents the skin from drying and cracking accordingly.

*Made from 100% natural origin ingredients.

* Provides care to protect the nipples and possible sensitivity.

* It helps to soothe the feeling of discomfort.

*Organic olive oil: In terms of omega 6 and 9, which are known for their pure and nutritious properties

he is rich.

*It is a vegan product.

* It is odorless.


Wash your hands thoroughly.

Apply to your skin and rub in gentle circular motions.

Pea to the entire nipple area after each feeding or as often as necessary

Apply a small amount

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