Bonatelli Organic Pearl Pasta 400 g ℮

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Bonatelli Organic Bead Pasta 400 g ℮

Bonatelli Organic Bead Pasta is a type of pasta produced from carefully selected organic Durum wheat. This product, which draws attention with its bead-shaped tiny pasta, aims to offer a healthy and delicious meal.

Durum wheat grown with organic farming methods is used as a healthy and natural basic material. It is processed carefully to preserve the nutritional value and whole grain properties of wheat. Pasta produced in accordance with the quality standards of the Bonatelli brand does not contain additives and goes through a natural production process.

Bonatelli Organic Bead Pasta has a taste that both children and adults will love. Its tiny beads taste perfectly when combined with various sauces. Its uniform and smooth structure allows you to achieve an ideal consistency during the cooking process.

This particular type of pasta can be cooked quickly and easily. After boiling in boiling water for a short time, it can be enriched with sauces, vegetables and spices as desired. It can be used as a salad, soup or main dish. It can also be a delicious option in different recipes and pasta salads.

Nutritional Values

Energy: 350 kcal

Fat: 2.94 g

Protein: 12.33g

Carbs: 71.17 g

Salt: 0g

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