Dolce & Gabbana Openable Decoratıve Book Box Cartoon

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Decorative Book Box; It adds elegance to your home, workplace, or any place you are in.

The glue we use for our book boxes made of hard cardboard is also first class. For our 27-year-old company, "quality" comes first. We work flawlessly with a professional staff.

We pack our products in a hygienic environment and untouched by human hands. We send the product to you with magnificent packaging. Since we know that you are excitedly waiting when you order a product from our store, we deliver your order as soon as possible and in the most perfect way from the moment you place your order. For this reason, your order reaches you much faster.

Product Sizes:
27 x 19 x 4 cm

The room fragrance and mini vase in the product image are used for visual purposes.