Dualpest 5 Electromagnetic And Ultrasonic Spider, Flea, Moth Repellent

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Working Method: Dualpest AN-A325 The propagation of ultrasonic waves causes discomfort to spiders and some other pests. As a result, it forces them to move away from the protected area. AN-A325 distracts active living things by disturbing them with the ultrasonic and electromagnetic sound it produces in the area where it is used. Every time the active creature approaches the area protected by AN-A325 from its nesting area, when it is exposed to this sound and frequency, it will not be able to move within this area and will return to its nesting area. Each time, the organism, which is exposed to this process, leaves the area it is in for a short time indefinitely, since it cannot continue its vital activities after a while. As the causative organism cannot fulfill its nutritional and sheltering needs, which are at the forefront of vital activities in humans as well as in other living things, thanks to An-A325, it leaves the area protected by the device. An-A325 is a high-level repellent and one of the most effective products of the Dualpest brand on Spiders and fleas.

The ultrasonic factor disturbs the living thing and removes it by creating an unsuitable environment.

It improves the electromagnetic effect and makes it much more efficient.


1. The device does not use any chemicals. Therefore, it is widely used in apartment, warehouse, hotels, supermarket, garage, office, etc. It is suitable for use in places.

2. The device is harmless to humans and pets. It does not affect the use of electrical or electronic devices.

3. It can not only repel spiders, but also insects, fleas, cockroaches, etc. affects living things.

4. The device is transparent enough to emit LED light. It also works as a nice and useful night light that turns on at sunset and turns off when daylight comes in.

5. The effective area of ​​the device is up to 200 square meters.

6. For optimal protection, it is recommended to use one device in each room or indoor area.

7. When you first start using the device, it is normal to see spider activity increase as spiders and insects are quite bothered by it, They will soon leave the area covered by the device.

8.This product performance is stable and quickly effective. However, since the eggs of spiders or fleas turn into adults in about 3-4 weeks, you can achieve the best effect after 2-3 weeks of continuous use.


1. Plug the device (220V ~ 240V AC) into the wall socket.

2. The LED will light when the device is working.

3. Thanks to the light sensor, the LED light will turn on automatically when it is dark at night.


1. Power supply: 220V ~ 240V

2. Ultrasonic frequency: 20KHZ ~ 30KHZ

3. Area of ​​influence: 50/75m2


Do not place the device behind curtains, furniture or furniture as this will reduce its effectiveness. Do not cover it with any object.

Regularly to remove surface dirt and dust for more than 30 days.

The device should be placed in a well-ventilated place with suitable temperature to protect it from direct sunlight or moisture.

Unplug the device if you will be away from home for a long time.

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