Dualpest Electromagnetic Cockroach Repeller

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Mode of Operation: An-A322 disturbs active living things in the area where it is used, with the electromagnetic wave it emits. Every time the active creature approaches the area protected by An-A322 from its nesting area, when it is exposed to this effect, it will not be able to move within this area and will return to the nesting area again. Each time, the organism, which is exposed to this process, leaves the area it is in for a short time indefinitely, since it cannot continue its vital activities after a while. The active living thing leaves the area protected by the device, since it cannot fulfill its nutritional and shelter needs, which are at the forefront of vital activities in humans as well as in other living things, thanks to An-A322. An-A322 is a top-level repellent and the most effective product of the Dualpest brand on cockroaches.

Electromagnetic waves transmitted through the Dualpest An-A322 electrical cables will disturb the cockroaches, create the impression of danger, and drive them away from the area of ​​influence, thanks to the sound waves that spread to the entire room (including partly mezzanine floor or partly attic with an electric line in general).


The ultra-low frequency emitted by Dualpest An-A322 not only effectively repels cockroaches, but also repels ants, spiders, fleas, insects in its area of ​​effect.

Suitable for homes, businesses, catering, offices, farms and so on.

The effective protection area of ​​the Dualpest An-A322 device is 30m2, and we recommend its multiple use for larger areas.


1.Electromagnetic cockroach repellent home electrical appliances are harmless to human and pets. It is non-chemical and does not pollute.

2.This product performance is stable and quickly effective. However, since cockroach eggs turn into adults in about 3-4 weeks, you can achieve the best effect after 2-3 weeks of continuous use.

3.Small, space-saving and efficient, with low power consumption.


1. Plug the device (110V/220V AC) into the wall socket.

2.After connecting to electricity, the red LED lamp will turn on once, and the intermittent flashing green light will indicate the spread of electromagnetic waves, and after a while it will drive away the active living things.


Power supply: 220V AC

Dimensions: 77x85x36mm

Area of ​​influence: 30m2/40m2


Do not clean surface dirt and dust at intervals of not more than 30 days.
The device should be protected from any direct sunlight or moisture and placed in a well-ventilated place with suitable temperature.
If you will be away from home for a long time, disconnect the device from the mains.

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