Dualpest Moment-B119 Mouse Pest Repeller - Dualpest Moment-A319 Ultrasonic Mouse Pest Repeller

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Repellent AN319 how it is used?

AN319 coils for the operation of 220 volt outlet.

you choose to obtain a maximum yield in a central location of the outlet is to be found in the face of hard surfaces, the seat in front of them, obstacles such as sofa and at a height of anywhere from 1 to 1.5 meters is to be maintained. AN319 approximately 30 - 40m2 of space is effective.

for larger areas, you must use more than one AN319 repellent.

outlet an319 the power consumption of the coils is very low and hampers the environment of the pest absolutely continuously stay in.

adapter free package is found in the content.

suitable for home and small business.Ultrasonic sound waves with a scavenging effect.The causative organisms harmful to human and other living creature except it has no effect.


Technology : Ultrasonic system

domain : 230 M2

Weight : 450gr.

power : 2 watts

frequency range : 30000Hz to 50000Hz

audio output power : 2*130dB

attribute:does not include drug and poison.

work:24 hours works in active position.

side effects:another glass to live outside the target has no effect.

operating life:10 years

warranty:2 year