Efp4550M25B Ivigo Fan Panel Heater 2500W Manual

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FP4550M25B Ivigo Fan Panel Heater 2500W Manual

EFP4550M25B Comfortable Constant Temperature / Intelligent FAN Electric Heater

Body and metal covers of Ivigo Electric Fan Heaters are made of cold drawn sheet metal. The wire resistance placed inside the device is located just in front of the fan. The cold air entering from the rear grille at the back of the product passes through the heated wires of the resistance through the fan and comes out as hot air from the hot air outlet grille on the front cover.

Technicial Specifications

Height : mm 500

Depth : mm 98

Weight : kg 7.8

Electric Power: W 2300-2700

Voltage: V 220-240

Current : A 10.9

Frequency : Hz 50-60

Electronic Room Temperature Control: Yes

Energy Saving Module (Programming): No

On / Off Switch: Yes

Cable Length : 2m

Protection Class: I

Splash Protection (IP) IP 24

Over-Temperature Protection Thermostat: Yes

Mechanical Thermostat Control: -

Energy Consumption Indicator: Yes

Fan : Yes

Sound Level: dBmax.50

Color Selection : White

Special Lock Key (Optional): Yes

Heater group: Wire resistance and fan

Quality Certificates: CE, EAC, TUV, TS EN ISO 9001:2008

Height : 450 mm

Length : 500mm

Safety: Functional test, grounding, electrical resistance, leakage current tests are passed.



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