Gp Racing Milk White Inner Rim Strip Sticker Çınar Extreme

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Product Information & Application Instruction

  • Design in GP Racing Style
  • 8 inner rim strips
  • Solid color Milk White
  • It is enough for 1 motorcycle. It is sent as a set sufficient for the right and left sides of the front and rear rims.
  • Solid color options are bright and not reflective or fluorescent .
  • High quality, strong material that does not damage the paint.
  • High quality material that does not fade.
  • Non-carcinogenic imported material.
  • It is resistant to heat, water, dust, gasoline and sunlight.
  • It does not cause fading, flaking or lifting.
  • It is long-lasting, self-adhesive and leaves no trace when removed.
  • The rim strip has 3 layers. 1 backdrop, 2 Rim Strips, 3 transfer tapes. Transfer tape is used to easily apply the product to the desired surface.
    • Why Should I Use Rim Striping & How Do I Apply Rim Striping?

      What you need to pay attention to when gluing your rim strip is to clean your rim from dust, dirt or adhesive residues of the rim strip you used before, and warm your rim a little with a hair dryer before applying the strip (This will also make it easier to get rid of the remaining adhesive residues). In this way, you will ensure that the strip you apply to a slightly warm rim will stick more firmly and stay there for a long time.

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      ÇINAR EXTREME® was established in Istanbul in 2008 to meet your many needs from the world of motorcycles to the world of extreme sports and camping. In early 2017, design and production developed within its own structure and started to develop its international customer portfolio, not only in Turkey. It has become a leader in the motorcycle products category since 2018. This success has been achieved together with you, our valued customers. We continue to provide service without losing our amateur spirit.

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