Household Ultraviolet Filter 30 E

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E 30 ultraviolet filter

with ultraviolet disinfection, water without adding any chemical or oxidant, provides disinfection of microorganisms. Low-pressure mercury lamp by using short-wave UV generating disinfection system, bacteria, protozoa, viruses, mold, fungus, algae and their eggs are neutralized.

UV systems aluminum or stainless steel bed, surrounds the lamp and water passing through the bed is bombarded by UV rays. the working principle of the UV system, by disrupting the structures of DNA and RNA of microorganisms are neutralized.

UV disinfection for the full realization of the water should be turbid and colored.this percentage generally 5-micron filter prior to uv is recommended. Reduced capacity to kill germs over time, and recommended the renewal of the lamp about once a year. Stainless steel body wide range of ultraviolet systems (X-ray room) comprises.

the ultraviolet lamp is placed within the quartz glass in this room. If the system is to work with the UV lamp lights up and the flow of electricity is neutralized with the wavelength of organisms found in water.

ultraviolet light (UV) sunlight a natural part of widely for water disinfection, efficient and environmentally friendly.

254Nm UV lamp with a wavelength of organisms used to sterilize water due to the sudden death that prevents them from multiplying.

the UV filter features:
flow rate: 1 GPM.
Electricity: 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
wattage: 6
current: 350 Ma
Lamp life (hrs): 8000
input / output port size: 1 / 4 “NPT
Dimensions (inches): 12 x 2 1 / 2
UV Chamber material: Stainless Steel, 304ss.
maximum working: 85psi.
lifespan : 8000-10.000 thousand hours
Micron Range :
Dimensions: 2 inch
material: Stainless Chrome
Type : coco inline