Hygieia Organic Handmade Honey Oat Soap 100 Gr 11 Pcs

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Honey, which is both a valuable food source and frequently used in skin care, has been in the service of people for thousands of years. Although we often consume it as food, honey is actually a good skin care product. Although honey is mostly used as a moisturizer in skin care, it is also included in masks used for skin cleansing. Although oats, like honey, are mostly used for food purposes, it has recently started to find more place in the content of cosmetic natural products. Oats, which are frequently used in skin cleansing products, are increasing day by day, especially in face masks, in the content of handmade natural soaps, in peeling creams. We produced honey oat soap, which is one of the popular soaps of women in Europe and America, for your use in our soap workshop. You will be amazed by the cleanliness of this magnificent duo on your skin and the feeling it gives you. Thanks to the amino acids and vitamins in the Oat & Honey soap content, it is easily absorbed by our skin and makes the skin look bright and healthy. Antioxidants are effective in preventing skin problems such as acne and dry skin, irritation. Oats, on the other hand, provide nutrition to the skin thanks to the potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and other minerals it contains. It is a natural cleanser.