Italy Well Water Filter Original Atlas 10 Single Building Entrance

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ATLAS SINGLE well water filter

Atlas lime water lime scale filter in the water so well next to my single site destroys the event siliphos 1 container piece filter 1 kab sliphos is packed with pieces for the shell.1 units to turn on and off the key ,according to the shape you need and the quality of water you use the filter option may change . 10 " SILIPHOS lime scale filter: Siliphos, industrial reclaimed water that raises the quality of water in city mains water with a chemical product. All metal surfaces in contact with hot or cold water pipes, cooling towers, and radiator, hot spring, hot water system, boiler feed water, etc. in point rust, corrosion and lime stone it prevents the formation definitely. Far more than water to assuage economical. Special tanks that connects to the system central water (dispenser) will spontaneously dissolve when in contact with water it mixes with the water and put into siliphos. Water consumption should be made according to the selection of the dispenser. It can be connected to the main water and steam boiler water systems prior to input or open circuit, either can be applied locally. In the center are connected, is easily used as drinking water. Does not have no harmful effect on health as the limits contained under ( 2-3 ppm) phosphate therefore, there are benefits to human health. In many countries in Europe, you are bound to be the center of the city networks and the people of the city dispensary siliphos is benefiting from this water. The occurrence of water in about 3-5 gr per ton from the dispensary. siliphos melt it mixes with the water. 2-3 grams of siliphos water dissolved at this concentration (P205) phosphate provides. Siliphos this rate"is sufficient to fulfill the functions of. Water-soluble 2-3 ppm (2-3 G P2O5 /ton), Phosphate (P2O5 )present in the water molecules that produce calcium and magnesium carbonate and permanent hardness in water circulation system prevents the collapse of limestone. Siliphos "as a result of the dissolution of into the water, the last phosphate, calcium and magnesium carbonate ions and prevents the formation of limestone pieces by her again. Siliphos it's the basic principle in the system; the water in the bath in the form of a very thin but solid metal surface a phosphate film by covering the metal with water is to cut contact. Dissolved oxygen in water, water as a result of electron transfer in hydroxide (Oh-) allows the formation of anions. This generates hydroxide anions and metal cations from metal with an active metal oxide combined with the decay in the system (corrosion) begins. Siliphos , this film prevents metal surface by covering with a layer of ion exchange and solves the problem from the source by preventing the formation of metal hydroxides. Therefore, the system when used in siliphos, anti-corrosion, will not need expensive chemicals or oxygen to the holder.

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