İvigo Heater Epk4590E20İ İvigo Electric Panel Convector Heater Digital 2000 Watt Inox

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EPK4590E20İ İvigo Electric Panel Convector Heater Digital 2000 Watt Inox

Comfortable Constant Temperature / Intelligent Electric Heater

* Electric Panel Convectors heat up in a very short time, take up little space in size and are light in weight.

are their greatest advantages. With aluminum fins on the resistor placed inside the device

heating is provided. The heated wings of the cold air resistance entering through the channels on the lower skirt of the body

It comes out as hot air through the air ducts on the front cover. In this way

The circulating air heats the environment by making a natural convection. Unlike some heaters on the market

It heats not only the irradiated surfaces but also the entire environment homogeneously.

It provides a beautiful and decorative appearance in the environment.

Technicial Specifications

Mechanical Thermostat Control: No

Width: 450 mm


Depth: 80mm


Electric Power: 2000 watts

Voltage: 220V

Current: 9 A

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Electronic Room Temperature Control: yes

Energy Saving Module (Programming): yes

On/Off Switch: yes

Cable Length: 2 m

Protection class :I

Standard: TS 5107 EN 60335-2-30

Splash Protection (IP): IP24

Over Temperature Protection Thermostat: Yes

Energy Consumption Indicator: Yes

Ambient Temperature Display: Yes

Material Structure: Cold Rolled sheet metal. Body: 0.80 mm, Frame: 1.00 mm.

Surface Treatment: Your radiator has been coated with electrostatic powder paint and baked at 200°C after surface cleaning + phosphating and then painted with water-based primer paint against corrosion in our modern facilities.

Heater Group: Aluminum resistance and fins, Tube resistance

Quality Certificates: CE, GOST, UKR SEPRO, TS EN ISO 9001: 2008

Color :INOX (RAL E3503I)

Safety: Functional testing, grounding, electrical resistance, leakage current tests are passed.

Room Area (m2): 12 - 24


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