L Neoprene lens Pouch, 18Cm x 10cm

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NEOPRENE lens pouch

L ( 18cm x 10cm)

Size 18cm x 10cm

bagcikli top is the hook Hanger is available

made of 3mm thick neoprene material soft and durable.

has a more practical use of a zippered pouch

take up less space.

made of neoprene material, this lens cap, camera your lenses from dust, moisture, dirt, and bumps provides protection from a safe. Especially while traveling it is perfect for carrying in your backpack or your suitcase. The shape is long and thin, because to save space during storage should provide.

90-170mm lens is suitable for

shock,dust, moisture and dirt provides protection against

are made from water resistant neoprene material.


Dimension: 100mm. diameter 180mm. length


Weight: 49g.

Material: Neoprene

color: black

box contents:

1 x L-dimensional Neoprene lens pouch

Note: Lens is not included in the sale.