Leyton Trx Training Set ( X-Tr Sports Kit ) Lyt-43

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  • Leyton X-TR the training set ( X-TR Sports Kit ) LYT-50 the
  • X Leyton-TR size training set, allowing you to use your body weight as resistance provides the ability to Exercise hundreds of. By Changing Your Body Position, You Can Easily Set Up For Resistance And Violence.

    Quick, practical, and efficient total-Body (whole body) allows you to practice

    the development of the structure of a solid core helps,

    Nov increases durability

    is appropriate for users of all levels from beginners to professional athletes,

    can be used anywhere and is easily portable. (Gym, home, hotel or outdoors)

    Develops the major muscles in your lower body to vertical jump Ability.
    By Connecting The Ankle Cuffs To Be Used, Increasing Coordination Helps.