Mount For Nikon 1 AF Macro Auto Tube Mk-N-Af3B

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Bayonetli Nikon 1

for the machines MK-N-AF3B

auto macro extension tube

1 autofocus macro tube for Nikon MK-N-AF3B

for Nikon 1 cameras MK - N - AF3B Automatic macro extension tube

macro shots of small objects or detail shots, your shots the camera body and lens you need to do to be able to enjoy the only place the tube between one or two macro shots. In this way, and can do macro shots without missing even the smallest details so you can get the best results.

the machines can be used with the Nikon 1

only a small focal length and less light due to all the automatic settings available, manual intervention may be required.

when it provides enough light with tripod use and best performance can be obtained.

2 separate lens may be used alone or in combination.

2 pieces of 10mm and 16mm lengths in the form.

our products are manufactured according to quality standards and is offered with similar features and quality to the originals.

technical details s :

material: plastic

sizes : 10, 16mm

weight: 45g

Compatibility :

Nikon 1 system cameras

box contents:

2 x Meike MK - n - AF3B auto macro Tube ( 10mm , 16mm )

1 x User Manual (English )