Mühlen Pointer 2 Counterfeit Money Control Machine Money Detector Device

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Mühlen Pointer 2 Counterfeit Cash Control Machine Money Detector Device

MÜHLEN Pointer 2

Counterfeit Money Check Machine

Pointer II Counterfeit Money check machine developed only for Turkish Lira; It checks all kinds of worn, old, new money in one time, 100% without any error and flawlessly. For this, TL uses sequential sensors and Counterfeit-Money check detectors specially developed for TL.

The most important feature of MÜHLEN Pointer 2 Counterfeit Money Checking Machine is that it accepts money easily from all directions; In other words, the money does not need to be put into the machine properly, it automatically detects even tilted money and tests it flawlessly in one go.

Thanks to the sequential CIS technology, it checks the forgery of money from all sides and in all aspects in all clippings. However, in real money, the value of the money is written on the screen, and in the case of Counterfeit Money, it warns the user in voice and in writing and returns them.