My blues STREAK-101 women's sunglasses

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My blues STREAK-101 women's sunglasses

Product code: TR-da-101,
Glass Color: Coffee
Glass Design: Cut,
Glass type: Gradient, (right down to the color from dark to light),
Sap Color: Red,
Specs Dimensions: Glass:55mm, Bridge:18mm, Sap:135mm


Our products has CE certification. Our products are also framed acetate plastic, pc raw materials and metal frames in nickel, copper,
stainless steel alloy protective coating was applied. Does not contain irritating chemicals damaging the skin, you can safely use.
UV400 (Ultraviolet ) rays is 100% capable of breaking. Council of Europe 89 /686 /EEC (Personal Protective Equipment Directive )
is manufactured according to the requirements of reliability. Compatible standard number: en 1836 : 2005 / A1 :2007 our products are 100% original.

Package Contents:
Storage Box
Deleting Fiber Cloth
CE original warranty and instruction manual


When Choosing Glasses:
Your choice of glasses should be proportional to the size of your face. Lines square or nearly square face if you have
you might be eligible for the curved frames. If you have curved lines, flat or angled frames, we recommend that you choose.
You have a long face if your face is coated on the frame of your glasses. Thus, the glasses and your face will tear apart than normal
will prevent long to appear. if you have a triangular face, the frame to be vertical lines will lead to a positive result from an aesthetic standpoint.
If you have a vision impairment, if numbered it would be reasonable to choose the sunglasses.