Pilates Pilates band Pilates Band 120x15 cm 3 Tire Lu

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Pilates band PlayStation 3 LU

this set contains 3 different hardness and resistance Pilates Band 3.

Pilates bands, degrees of hardness ( resistance levels ) :

lightweight hard Yesil ( Light Tension )

fuchsia medium hard ( Medium Tension )

High hard Turquoise ( Heavy Tension )

the degrees of hardness of the bands, shows resistance levels.

Pilates Band; Nov enables you to move groups of all of our body from head to toe, the body is developing, the majority of the balance, the minimum and maximum performance that provides our bodies with light gymnastics movement is the product of personal use.

the most popular sport of recent times is one of the products necessary for you to do Pilates at home.

can be used as exercises in addition to pilates, aerobics and other sports is the perfect aid muscles to warm up before work.