Professional Dslr Matte Box M3 Video

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professional DSLR matte box M3 Video

for 15mm Rod DSLR rig system

Alex M3 matte box for 15mm. The connection to rig the system

M3 matte box DSLR cameras video cameras that will serve your purposes or Alex so you can capture shots with a compact, ergonomic and quality product. Your unwanted reflection and lens effects to your shots by blocking the negative elements of sun blocks. Matte box"un-right-left-top lids can be opened and closed separately, detachable. At the same time wide-angle lenses is ideal for use with. Rings are available in different sizes to adapt to the lenses. Height adjustable 15mm. the whole rig at a distance of 6 cm in size and is compatible with accessories, can be easily assembled and disassembled.

technical details

Plastic , aluminum

Size 330 x 235 x 194 mm

Vertical adjustment range 6 cm

horizontal adjustment range: 7 cm

the opening of 15mm diameter mirrors

Pipe Range ( 6 cm, measured from center to center ) 4.5 cm

Weight 520 g

box contents:

1 x matte box M3 Alex

1 x aluminium top cover (30x13.3cm)

2 x aluminum side cover (21.5x13.4cm)

2 x filter holder (plastic)

3 x Neoprene lens ring (mm 50-65-76.)

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