Shiffa Home Power Pomegranate Propolis 650 Mg 60 Capsules X 3 Pieces

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3 Pieces Shiffa Home Power Pomegranate Propolis 650 mg 60 Capsules

Propolis Capsule; It is a food supplement containing 1120 mg of Propolis and 280 mg of Propolis extract, produced with natural and high technology, with high nutritional value and will always make you feel protected. Natural products are the key to a healthy life due to their full compatibility with human chemistry.

Propolis contains resin, wax, fatty acids, essential oils, enzymes, flavonoids, polyphenols, pollen, vitamins and minerals. The supportive and protective properties of propolis are very strong. It has strong antioxidant properties.

Since 1989, Turkey's Propolis producer AksuVital has been developing products with maximum efficiency and benefit in its R&D center with propolis, which it has carefully procured from domestic raw materials. Propolis, which is the life source of bees, has been produced in capsule form so that you can overcome the seasonal transitions more easily and make you feel more vigorous and strong.

It offers the last collected products by preserving the nutritional elements in the content of propolis. As in all our products, pharma quality and high active ingredients are used in Propoliste. Propolis extraction method was developed by our expert food and chemical engineers. It does not contain sugar, preservatives and colorants.

Our capsules are completely of vegetable origin. It is not contain anything of animal. It dissolves in the stomach in 8-10 minutes.

Shiffa Home combines scientific and traditional studies with state-of-the-art technology with the aim of being Turkey's most prestigious natural products brand with the high quality standards in the products it produces.

Attention is paid at every stage of production to produce without harming the nature. Amber colored glass bottles are preferred, which are recyclable and will prevent the product from being affected by light. Halal certified herbal capsules and bovine gelatine origin softgels are used in the products.

Propolis is a valuable nutrient obtained from the shoots and buds of plants collected by worker bees. Bees use propolis in the disinfection of the hive, polishing the cells of the honeycomb, plugging the cracks and holes in the hive, and mummifying the corpses of various creatures entering the hive to prevent them from rotting.
Bees enter their hives by passing through a channel lined with propolis. Thus, they ensure the hygiene of both themselves and their hives. Propolis, which is formed by the combination of the Greek words 'pro' meaning entrance and 'polis' meaning city, means the shield of the city when considered as a hive city.

Content: 1120 mg, Herbal Capsule (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose) Propolis Extract: 280 mg

For adults over 11 years old, it is recommended to take two capsules twice a day after meals.

Warning: Allergic reactions may be observed in people who are sensitive to bee products. Pregnant and lactating women are recommended to use in consultation with a doctor.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life: Protect from heat, light and moisture. Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf Life: 3 years.
Packaging: 60 Capsules
Business Registration Number: TR-34-K-048026

Food Supplement Approval Number: 002177-21.02.2017

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