Shoulder Neck Strap For Nikon Cameras

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Neoprene Shoulder neck strap

Nikon Neoprene camera strap

your camera, you move your shoulders or around your neck comfortably non-slip surface and securely with neoprene camera strap on your camera you will be able to move tirelessly for hours with. Neoprene padding high quality thanks to any pain in your neck and shoulders, you won't feel wear slip.

high-quality workmanship with efficiency and performance in accordance with all requirements that will answer the purpose of the production of these products are manufactured in accordance with our quality standards, while the camera offers you with features that will meet your need for the love of the optimum level.


Length: 100 cm

Width: 43 mm

Material: Neoprene

box contents:

1 x Neoprene camera strap