Sobo Aquarium Sump (Head) Motor Wp-6500 85W. 4500Lt/hour

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Sobo Aquarium Sump (Head) Motor WP-6500 85W. 4500LT/HOUR
High performance and durable, ceramic shaft aquarium head motor. It works with low noise. It is used for water circulation in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
Power: 85 WattVoltage: 220V/50 HzDimension: 130 x 200 x 140 mm
The maximum head capacity is 4 meters. It has a water capacity of 4500 liters per hour.
Before touching the motor, always disconnect the mains. Do not let the motor run dry. Do not lift the appliance by holding the mains cable. For ideal cooling, place the motor under water. The mains cable of this appliance cannot be replaced. First, disconnect all electrical connections.
Maintenance: To clean the engine, remove the front plate and impeller. Use a small brush or light water pressure to remove accumulated dirt.
Caution: IF THE ENGINE DOES NOT WORK AS IT IS, FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING STEPS. Check the circuit breaker and other outlets to make sure the engine is getting power.
Important Note: Before touching the engine, always disconnect the electrical connection of the engine. Check whether there is any blockage in the discharge part of the engine and the pipe section. Any algae accumulation can be removed with a garden pipe. Remove the inlet pipe to reach the impeller section. Make sure it is not broken or stuck. Rotate the rotor to be
Attention: Pay attention to the fact that the electrical cable at the bottom of the electrical outlet is slightly drooping. In case of any water contact, the water does not reach the engine, it drips down from the drooping ground.