Damlalife 10 Water Purification open case filter and final carbon filter

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one. Stage 5 Micron 10'' Sediment Filter: Purifies mud, rust and sand particles in water down to 5 microns.
2nd Stage Granulated 10'' Activated Carbon Filter: It removes the bad taste and odor in the water. It also eliminates the chlorine in the water, especially the one added by the municipality to the water.
3rd Stage 10'' Block Carbon Filter:  It retains 99 percent of chlorine and organic chemicals. It improves the taste, smell and color of water.
4th Stage Post Carbon Filter: It is used for the treatment of chlorine in water, dissolved gases that give color, taste and odor, residues and organic substances. This active granular carbon filter consists of high performance activated carbon and removes chlorine, odor, organic pollutants, pesticides and It purifies from chemicals that affect odor and taste.
NOTE: It is compatible with all water purification brands and models with housing (i.e. jar closure system).