Washable Wool Pillow Wool Sheath Beads

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AVOID imitations of our
Visco pillows are prepared by using organic ingredients as well as regular in our production line, our natural pillows we provide. Beads made of wool and cotton filling materials are used in them. Bead making perfectly surrounding your neck area and clumping over time as the result of non-natural pillows that we manufacture.
our products are also used merino wool is the wool of our sheep and the cotton and wool is entirely local.

product dimensions 50x70 CM Pillow wool pad Wool you can wash in your washing machine product features WOLFF

inner filling: 1000 net bead gr you don't need to wash wool often. (No chemicals, petroleum products does not include does not smell)

Inner Lining: polycotton zippered lining (allows you to see the product inside)

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outer jacket: Wool with wool fabric cover is featured fermuarli.
LEFT is what is inside your pillow wool pillows fermuarli you can see, and tailor it to fit the height of your pillow.
washing instructions:outer sheath there is a special instruction.Wool is unconscious,if clumping when washed on a delicate setting the machine at high speed can,low speed and should be washed with liquid detergent or fabric softener.A MOTHER KNOWS.