Water Treatment Equipment, Mineral Filter

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What are the benefits of the mineral filter

the benefits of mineral filter and

0-12 age group children,the elderly or pregnant women that needs to show more interest in families that are a product.because mineral filter has taken place after the purification process, the water content should be in the water, but our water that are not available the required amount of vitamins and minerals,sodium,potassium, and especially calcium) adding water content of our body and strengthens the immune system and increases the body's resistance.

Content ;

Calcium: especially bone development ,osteoporosis and your dental health for over medium (especially for infants, children and the elderly )
Sodium:balances the body electrolyte prevents water loss

Magnesium: strengthening your immune system, cancer and kidney-related diseases prevents.

IMPORTANT:The content of natural mineral stones have been used to 100 percent mineral filters. the artificial sweeteners on the market by opening you can see the difference from the inside of the filter!

after a period of wearers purifier with mineral filter you will start to see the positive effects our model.

lifespan:12 -24 Months