Wooden educational toy kit 6In1 Geometry Bultak+Coil+Cube puzzle+fishing+Lamination+hours bultak

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wooden educational toy kit 6in1 Geometry Bultak+Coil+Cube puzzle+fishing+Lamination+Hours Bultak

toys entertainment series created in a way that will contribute to motor and social development.

motor development

makes Little movements that require the use of Nov.
Balance makes movements, the weight transfers from one point to another.
Objects mounts, unmounts.
By using objects to do the work rhythm.
Social emotional development
Start strives to finish the job on time.

cognitive domain

Status/returns her attention to the event.
Tells The Shape of the presence.
Tell the color of the asset.
Of assets according to the shape and color distinguish one-to-one Maps.
Distinguishes the assets according to their intended use, maps.
According to the color groups of assets.
Consists of wooden parts.
It helps to learn by having fun and loving.
That corresponds to the logic of rote learning to learn by doing something and seeing the wooden Series is manufactured from wood so you'll enjoy the experience.

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