Smart Backpack Product of the Year award-winning Smart thanks to the special design of the bag, providing full protection against theft that can be done without you being aware of, and prevents. SPECIAL DESIGN PROTECTED AGAINST THEFT Smart Bag, designer bag, your phone, your wallet, thanks to specially designed pockets for your cards, if you unintentionally no one from the outside and the contents does not reach that part he can't get out! SMART BATTERY TO END IT WITH A BAG I NEVER! A smart Bag with a great design exactly, with every moment you no longer the phone battery is full! With special design frequency, as well as your smart phone is charging in the bag ... now that is very functional. Powerbank with USB cable and placed in their private compartment-anytime, anywhere you have charge. HIGH INTERNAL VOLUME Where smart meets stylish design travels easily with a large internal volume by integrating a bag in your briefcase, you can move without ever getting tired, you can spend a secure and comfortable journey for your belongings. A smart Bag with all your belongings at hand with a great design exactly safe! The smart bag is the same size as the inner volume of the three models. Laptop, tablet, PC, phone, there are special compartments for items such as electronic. Portable Charger Powerbank powerbank smart bag that came in the special section and put your device by plugging the USB connection cable as a gift anytime, anywhere, you can charge your devices easily.