Focus Whip 18 For Follow Focus 45Cm extension bar

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Whip 18" 45cm

focus Follow Focus extension bar

Follow Focus arm for flexible control; 45 cm.

focus adjustment follow focus with a long arm that can be mounted to the reel with the sudden changes very fast, smooth, balanced and can perform in a stable manner. 12 x 12 mm follow focus is suitable for connection with all devices. Flexible arm, plastic knurled control structure and ergonomic features.

technical details:

  • spring steel and rubber coating
  • ergonomic knurled plastic sleeve
  • Height: 45 cm.
  • 12 x 12 mm connection


  • Follow Focus systems for all popular 12 x 12 with a connection.

box contents:

  • 1 x Follow Focus flexible shaft (45 cm).